January 3, 2017

Let's Talk About Book Boats!

This fall I posted on Instagram my "before" and "after" photos of my Book Boats. 
As I shared, I by no means came up with this idea! I saw this online years ago and tucked it away in my brain for when I had my own classroom, time and $$ to make these! I was blown away with the kind words and curiosity around the boats, and I finally got around to blog about them! These boats have changed our classroom when it came to our Daily 5 Read to Self and excitement about reading! They have also been wonderful for students who benefit from personal space at times.

Here is what I used:
All of my materials were found at Target (of course!)

- 4 Sterilite Bins
(Size totally depends on how big your kiddos are and how much room you have to store your bins). 
-4 pillows- 
(Target was running a sale and I bought the Room Essentials Brand)
- 4 Pillow Cases
(I also used the Room Essentials Brand)
-Strong pair of Scissors, Kitchen Sheers or a saw 
(To cut the lid in half)

I had a lot of questions asked about if the edges were sharp when I cut the bin top in half. I used a very sharp pair of kitchen sheers and my edge ended up completely smooth.  

If you are trying this project and your edge ends up sharp or jaded, I had many people recommend covering it with some cute duck tape or a pool noodle. I did not have nay problem with this!

I decided to make 4 Book Books because my literacy stations and learning stations are both in groups of 4, therefore I can utilize these during a variety of parts of the day.

I used my Cricut to cut out the letters for the bins on white Cricut sticker paper. You can find the sticker paper I used HERE!

Here is the final result! 


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  2. What size container did you use

  3. Hi Mrs. Barnes-love this idea. I teach 2nd grade. Did you use 30 gallon containers or 18 gallon containers?

  4. This is a great idea but I’m a little concerned about the sharp edge.

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